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Gift Aid It


“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.”

2 Corinthians 8:9

supporting-gospel-ministryThank you for considering supporting the work of Dundonald Church! Sacrificial giving for gospel work is a mark of spiritual maturity and therefore every Christian should aim to be giving regularly for their church ministries at home and abroad. It will be costly, but it pleases our Heavenly Father and many at our church can testify to the joy that comes from giving generously and seeing the fruit in people’s lives.

A wonderful Bible passage on the grace of giving is 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 and it is worth prayerfully studying these chapters when you are considering your giving. Some key principles are that we should give:

  • Sacrificially (8:1-2) accepting the personal cost
  • Generously (8:3-7) as much as we are able for the salvation of others
  • Gratefully (8:8-9) for Christ became poor that we might be rich in Him
  • Realistically (8:10-12) according to our capacity
  • Equally (8:13-15) giving of our plenty to help others
  • Carefully (8:16-24) so that we are good stewards of God’s money
  • Actually (9:1-5) to ensure that our practice matches our claims and promises
  • Freely (9:6-7) without compulsion or reluctance but cheerfully
  • Confidently (9:8-11) knowing that God will always supply our genuine needs
  • Encouragingly (9:12-17) so that others give praise to God for what he does through us
How much we give will inevitably vary.  At Dundonald, monthly gifts currently range from small amounts to more than £1,000 each month and we are immensely grateful to God for each giver and each gift.  The Old Testament required God’s people to give 10% of their income and whilst the New Testament doesn’t impose any law on us, most churches around the world (however poor) would expect something like that level of commitment.
giving 2

"Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:7

thefinancialneedDundonald Church is entirely funded through a charitable trust and does not receive any funding from the Church of England or any other external source.

By God’s grace and the sacrificial financial giving of many, the Dundonald Church Charitable Trust currently resources Dundonald Church and many church plants including Cornerstone Church, Christ Church Kingston, Christ Church Balham, Christ Church Earlsfield, Clapham Central and Grace Church Worcester Park. We also delight in giving generous support to external gospel ministries, and each year, we give away around £200,000 to support our mission partners in many countries around the world and in response to needy situations worldwide.

All of our ministry, in London and further afield, is entirely reliant on the giving of our church members. By God’s grace, as our ministries have grown and the costs have increased, we have seen a corresponding growth in giving to cover those costs. However, especially in these difficult economic times, to continue to grow our ministries and faithfully do all that we can to proclaim Christ, we face a significant financial challenge!

We need all church members to reassess their current giving and consider increasing their support, and in particular, we need those who are new to our church or who are not currently participating, to start giving. We do need the help of everyone - even if you are not certain how long you can stay with our church - in order for us to maintain and grow our gospel ministries here and around the world. Giving financial support for our local church is an important and enjoyable way to express our gratitude to God for our Saviour. Enjoy it! We would like the whole church to:


Ask God for a generous heart and wisdom on how best to support His church with the money He has entrusted to you.


Carefully review your own finances and consider how to put into practice the Biblical principles outlined above.


Decide on an amount to give and make your gift. We encourage everybody to get involved at whatever level they can because generous and sacrificial giving is part of our worship of the Lord Jesus.

giving 1


You can start your giving in any of the following ways:

1. Regular Standing Order


The most helpful way to support Dundonald Church is to set up a standing order with your bank. Once you have decided how much to donate to the church, you can set up the arrangement with your bank and then they will automatically process your gifts each month in accordance with your instructions. It therefore saves you time, means that you don’t forget when life is busy and it helps the church with it’s financial planning.

You can quickly set up a standing order using your online or telephone banking and by quoting this bank account information:

  • Recipient (or beneficiary) account name: Dundonald Church
  • Sort code: 40-52-40
  • Account no: 00082965 (CAF Bank Ltd)
  • If you are able to enter a reference, please use your surname
Alternatively, you can complete one of our standing order forms and we will forward it to your bank on your behalf. Please click here to download a form and ensure that you tick the gift aid declaration box if you are a UK taxpayer to enable us to increase the value of your gift by reclaiming the basic rate tax on your gifts from HM Revenue & Customs.

2.Cheque or Charity Voucher

(e.g. Stewardship or CAF) payable to “Dundonald Church”

3. One-Off Gift

You can also use your online or telephone banking to make a payment to “Dundonald Church”:
  • Recipient (or beneficiary) account name: Dundonald Church
  • Sort Code: 40-52-40
  • Account no: 00082965

4. Online Card or PayPal donation

You can make a secure online gift by credit or debit card or by Paypal by visiting either the Virgin Money Giving or the Charity Choice website. If you are a UK tax-payer, you can also gift aid your donations through either of these sites – please click on a link below:

charity choice Gift Aid It virgin money

For further information and to return your giving forms, please contact Stephen Hatherall

The Treasurer, Dundonald Church, 577 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8SA

(e) (t) 0208 543 4411

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