Summer Focus: God at Work: Session 3
Matt Beeby, 23/07/2014
Does God care for all nations?
David Kim, 27/07/2014
How Can HELL Be Fair? - 7pm
Richard Coekin, 20/07/2014
What Is A Christian View Of Ecology? - 4pm
Andrew Nicholls, 20/07/2014



We have a large, active youth program at Dundonald Church. We understand young people, working hard to make every individual feel valued and welcomed in our groups. Whether they come from a church-going family or not, all young people will find our groups warm and friendly.

Our goal is to help young people develop their own relationship with Jesus. In a challenging and changing time in their lives we want to encourage them to build their lives on truths of the Bible. We want our young people to feel part of a group of friends who encourage them to stay strong in their faith and to step out in showing Jesus to their friends.


We have 2 groups: