How much should I PLAY? The 7
Malcolm Riley, 31/08/2014
How Good And Pleasant It Is! - 10:45am
Andrew Nicholls, 31/08/2014
Do we have FREE wills? The 7
Drew Waller, 24/08/2014
I Wait For The Lord! - 10:45am
Matt Beeby, 24/08/2014
Like Men Who Dreamed - 10:45am
Drew Waller, 17/08/2014
Much Ridicule! - 4pm
Andrew Nicholls, 10/08/2014

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At Dundonald Church families flourish, younger children are nurtured and older children mature into the young people God made them to be.

Children are an integral part of our Church family. We are well used to having children involved in all that we do, and enjoy the informality and warmth that they bring. Our prayer is that from birth to adulthood, there is a place where any child or youth can be made to feel welcome and valued. We hope amongst the many activities and groups happening on Sundays, and at other times, every child will find for themselves a highlight of their week.

On Sunday’s, Children’s groups are available at our 10am and 4pm services.

Our Safeguarding policy is available on request. All our leaders are thoroughly vetted, by our leadership team and then by the CRB.

Please contact our children's worker, Ed Drew, for more information

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